Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Another WIP.  This time you can see my work area where I unceremoniously paint using disposable plates. This greatly cuts down on the clean up afterwards! The background is laid out using acrylic paints. The bird is added using oils (see blog entry for Two Crows on the colors used).
I move on to the second bird and start adding the feathers in a medium color and move on to light and dark accents.
I reinforce the idea of feathers by adding subtle shadows and highlights.
I add a little movement using Thalo green and white.
I put the painting away to dry overnight. It is being painted on a 12x12 cradled board with a prepared gesso layer on top.
UPDATE: 12-06-2012
This painting is now finished and hanging in the gallery.  The background was embellished and the colors brought out. The board was painted and waxed to serve as the frame.

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