Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today I started a new pair of ravens/crows.  I thought I would post the WIP (work in progress) on my blog so you can follow along. The under painting was done with black gesso followed by orange acrylic and blue acrylic for the moon. The birds are being painted with oil and Liquin (to accelerate drying time).  The colors have not been manipulated so that you can see a true representation from one stage to the next.
After outlining the main form of the bird I then begin to paint with Zinc white, Prussian blue, and some Lamp black. The inside of the beak is done with Alizarian crimson, black and white.
Shadows are refined underneath using black and the eye is added using Cadmium orange.
I start the next bird using a slightly darker mixture of the same colors. His head is tilted with a quizzical look on his face.
The second bird has been roughed in and his eye added. I now put it away for the night. Tomorrow I most likely will refine the feathers more and move on to the background. The painting is being been done on a 12x12 cradled board.
UPDATE: 12-07-2012
It's now finished and mounted on a painted and waxed board. The background was deepend and various techniques were added to give some added interested. It is now hanging in the gallery, entitled "Curious Duo." I think the background is one of my favorites. It is certainly vibrant!

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